Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Beer Ten Reviews- Look At The Town


Review by Danielle LaRose

The creative minds from Poiema Productions are experts in play and master imagineers. Walking into the theatre at La Cité I was immediately jealous- I wanted to be small enough to see the tiniest details of the beautiful hand-made town! I wanted to paint houses with splashes of colour and go skating on the cardboard ice rink and wave to the police parked at the Him Tortons! But I was given my own precious gift from my grown-up vantage point; watching the six young girls sat quietly and utterly rapt on the floor. Their faces filled with light as a cardboard plane flew past, their eyes grew wide with excited fear as old lady Hacka shuffled down the street towards them, the gears in their minds turned in time with precocious protagonist Isabel as she revealed her profound discoveries about the world around her- her Great Thoughts. Just as the magical snow blankets the town come winter, audiences of all ages will fall under the spell of this truly enchanting piece of theatre.

Look At The Town plays at Venue 35, La City Theatre. Tickets and info from the box office or online.

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