Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Beer Tent Reviews- Reality Crack


Review by Danielle LaRose

Two Rose’s lie bloodied on the floor of an apocalyptic scene. There are eggshells smashed everywhere and a phone that’s been severed at the cord. We’re cut off from the outside world save for a window suspended before the audience- what happened here? How did we come to this? This ingeniously surreal piece flickers and flashes to life like the static electricity of synaptic nerves firing into action, fighting to make sense of existence. Playwrights/performers Candice Berlinguette and Laura Raboud are absolutely riveting as they hurl themselves, holding nothing back, into every single moment of madness. The entire piece is moments, pieces of moments, trying desperately to cram themselves back into sense. Hilariously philosophical and terrifyingly absurd, Reality Crack is a wild ride you can’t miss.

Reality Crack plays at Venue 3, The Walterdale Playhouse. Tickets and info can be found at the box office or online

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