Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Beer Tent Reviews-Round Up

Well, the final Fringe weekend is here. I’ve had a blast writing for The Beer Tent Reviews and I have to thank Andrew Paul, Trent Wilkie, and all the team for producing such a superb publication. Reviewing is an absolutely essential piece of the theatre puzzle and must be valued and encouraged. I consider myself privileged to share my opinions in a format that encourages and informs audiences, directing them towards shows I think they’ll enjoy and being transparent about shows which might fall short of the quality our community deserves. I also take my role very seriously as an enabler and supporter of theatre companies who rely on reviews and word of mouth to spread the word about their work. I hope audiences and artists alike will always find my reviews to be candid, constructive and accurate representations of the show from an audience perspective. Let’s keep the conversations going!

If you’re struggling to prioritize your final Fringe shows, here’s my top five “don’t you dare miss ’em” list for this year:

FIVE: Gianni Schicchi- I JUST saw this show this afternoon and don’t have time to do a full review, but it was SO much fun! Where else can you hear superb opera with a live mini orchestra in such a stunning venue!? The story is funny, accessible, and impeccably performed; a stupendous first if you’ve never seen an opera.

FOUR: Hack– Part comedy, part drama, part horror, all brilliantly relevant. Superb writing makes this a must-see.

THREE: ThunderCATS, The Musical- If you haven’t seen this orange, furry, musical madness yet, stop reading this article and book your tickets RIGHT MEOW!

TWO: Red– Can’t go wrong with a multiple Tony Award-winning play and an enigmatic leading performance from Michael Peng.

ONE: Queen Lear is Dead– I’ve been waiting all week to see this one again, follow a different Lear sister and get a new side of the story. An experiential masterpiece.

If you can’t get enough Fringe content, listen to the Beer Tent Reviews team discuss our favourite shows from this year, predictions for Sterling Nominees, plus weigh in on recent events on the podcast I Don’t Get It, released tomorrow (Sunday)!

Happy Fringe everyone! Remember, theatre has the power to make us laugh in times of crisis, make us think in times of confusion, challenge us and bring us together. Respect each other, express yourself, love theatre.

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