Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Beer Tent Reviews- World’s Wife



Review by Danielle LaRose

Crimson curtains adorn the stage like a Victorian circus, framing a parade of sideshow acts here to share their stories. Three performers take it in turns to portray a conveyor belt of characters from myth and history- Little Red Cap, Medusa, Frau Freud. Cheryl Jameson’s performances are particularly magnetic throughout. Her Mrs Quasimodo (of Notre Dame Fame) reveals a truly affecting tale of misfit love turning to sour betrayal and driving her to desperation. However the unrivalled star of the show is the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy. The words of the UK’s first female poet laureate devastate and titillate in equal measure, painting the complexities of female experience in vivid colours. Shirley Bassey poignantly bookends the production- “Just a little bit of history repeating”.

World’s Wife plays at Venue 8,The Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre. Tickets and info at the box office or online

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