On your imaginary forces work

For ’tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings,

Carry them here and there; jumping o’er times,
Turning the accomplishment of many years
Into an hour-glass: for the which supply,
Admit me Chorus to this history;
Who prologue-like your humble patience pray,
Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.”
― William Shakespeare, Henry V

At any given moment in the day- let’s say you’re making coffee- there are artists somewhere in your community who are working feverishly on a vibrant new piece of theatre, an experience they want to share with you.

On any evening in the week- let’s say you’re just beginning to think about supper- there are artists somewhere in your community who are readying themselves to enter a magical world which can only be brought to life by the connection of their imaginations and yours.

In any town around the world- let’s say it’s yours- people from all walks are gathering, their heartbeats quickening together as their story begins to unfold before them.

“I like the ephemeral thing about theatre, every performance is like a ghost –    it’s there and then it’s gone.”
― Maggie Smith

It is the mission of this writer to provide you with glimpses into the joyous, challenging, truthful human stories being shared in your community, and further afield. May they encourage you to new experiences, exciting journeys, giggle fits, floods of tears, accidental humming, connection and self-discovery through theatre.

“So always avoid banality. That is, avoid illustrating the author’s words and remarks. If you want to create a true masterpiece you must always avoid beautiful lies: The spectator, perhaps, is content. The spectator likes easy truths.          But we are not there to please or pander to the spectator.                                         We are here to tell the truth.”
― Jerzy Grotowski

Only good reviews will be published to encourage positive press coverage and engage positive audience interest. Read more on “Why I Don’t Write ‘Bad reviews’ “.

To request reviews, please email abtheatreguide@gmail.com

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