Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Beer Tent Reviews- ThunderCATS


Review by Danielle LaRose

ThunderCATS explodes onto the stage in a brilliantly bonkers musical spectCATular that will have you howling with laughter until your face and sides cramp. Composing trio Martin, Abbott and den Otter have sunk their claws into a once-in-a-Fringe-time smash hit with the help of a disgustingly talented cast. Sarah Dowling dazzles as the elegant yet deranged Pumyra, Owen Bishop is hypnotizingly hilarious as wide-eyed Tygra, and Brennan Campbell’s vainglorious He-Man cat, Lion-O, is the hero we always knew we deserved. From the cheeky nods to other famously random cat-centric musicals to the fantastically feline dance routines to the tail-twitchingly catchy tunes, this mad-cat musical extravaganza will have kitties lining up around the block to see it again and again! Get your paws on tickets right meow, you bunch of pussies!!

ThunderCATS plays at Venue 22, The Luther Centre. Tickets and info can be found at the box office or online

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